Friday, November 2, 2012

Does anyone besides me feel like the holidays are coming way too early this year? Everwhere I go there is Christmas stuff up already. Trees, ornaments, lights, cards and a whole array of other things that just remind me how much Christmas knitting I need to get finished. Normally I don't start getting stressed out about it until Thanksgiving, realizing at that point I only have a month to finish the numerous projects I've cast-on. Which, of course, I will never finish all of them. Are you one of those people that always casts on what you feel is the perfect gift for someone, but because you have too many of those someones there are projects that just don't get finished in time? That's me. So then I figure I'll knit it next year and have a head start on it. But generally those projects get put in a closet, never to see the light of day.

So already seeing all the Christmas stuff out is making me really stressed, and it's barely November! How about you? Are you feeling the stress of the holidays yet with regard to your gift knitting?