Saturday, January 5, 2008

New year, new skills?

Hi everyone, it's Bobbi again. Has anyone made any decisions to learn any new knitting skills this year? I'm going to make socks! I also want to make some lace projects and learn to cable. Of course, I'll be KIPing as much as possible and trying to encourage others to learn.
Happy New Year!!


lahodges said...

Last year was my year to learn to make socks, and I have now become sock obsessed! lol

This year I am going to make the Magique Cloak in the Koigu Knits From a Painter's Palette book. I have never done any knitting of this type, so it should be interesting. :)

Kristina B said...

Hi Bobbi: My goal for this year is to learn double knitting... and to do a moebius lace shawl (as I'm rather new to lace knitting this will pose quite a challenge for me). :-)

best of luck with your goals!

Kris said...

I learned to knit socks over a year ago. I didn't like doing them one at a time, so I moved from DPN's to Circular needles. I then decided that doing them toe-up would bring cost down on the amount of yarn needed and just over the weekend I learned to knit my toe-up's with a gusset slip stich heel...Lovin' It!!

Zandra said...

I have learning how to do reversible cables, thanks to a course from Needlecraft University (