Monday, May 26, 2008

Summer Is (Almost) Here

Three more days of schools for the mini Outlaws. THREE! I am so happy about this. I love having my kids (and their friends) around me all summer. I love planning outings with them where I can go do some Outlaw Knitting while they enjoy whatever it is they do. I think we'll find some caves to explore again this summer, and maybe go to a few baseball games. And I think I'll make Bobbi and her little Outlaws go to the park with us and maybe the zoo in Peoria. We can watch the tigers and knit socks or something.

And Bobbi and I need to dye many yarns for our Etsy shop, Wooly Booger Yarns. If any of y'all have a shop you'd like to list on the sidebar, let me know. I'd be happy to list it for you.

1 comment:

Bobbi said...

Lions and tigers and socks, oh my!
Sounds like fun to me!
The kids are counting hours until school is out - I remember the days well.