Thursday, December 6, 2007


Hiya there!

I'm a newcomer from Manchester, England and I will knit just about anywhere - waiting rooms, public transport, pub, other peoples' homes. I always have a project with me 'just in case' I get a couple of moments to add a few rows.

I would also like to list my 'outlaw' credentials as I have several tattoos and am currently working my way through a bottle of vino colapso as I type this (as I do most evenings - helps me concentrate on my patterns!!).

Here is pic of my latest tattoo - the tat was only a few hours old on the pic and is covered in tat balm so that's why it is sooo shiny.

Here also are some pics of me knitting at Old Trafford the home of Manchester United. My husband drags me along to the games sometimes and I go because his company has an exec box and I can never pass up slap up meals and wine, then I knit during the game whilst all the real soccer fans look on in disgust!!

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