Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hello Fellow Outlaws!

I just wanted to post a quick "HEY Y'ALL"! I'm a self-taught knitter of about 4 years now. I love it and am totally obsessed with knitting. I've never really understood the whole "fear of knitting in public" thing. As soon as I got the hang of it, my knitting went everywhere I did and it still does. I cannot leave my house without my knitting. Most people who know me expect it and will question me if they don't see my needles. I taught a lady to knit while waiting for my daughter during speech therapy. I've so far gotten nothing but positive feedback from others. Most people are curious and genuinely interested. The only flack I got was from my friends and family when I first picked up the needles. (The whole "grandmother's knitting" thing.) I got the last laugh....they now beg for me to knit them things. lol

I'll hush for now...just wanted to say hello and thanks for letting me join you. I'm proud to be an Outlaw Knitter!

Melanie (lilknitter on Ravelry)

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SandraTee said...

yep, I've heard the "grandma's knitting" comment too :-) but then everyone wants to ask questions and begs me to teach them to knit....