Thursday, October 11, 2007

troubling news...

Hi all: I just wanted to share this little tidbit I came across regarding public knitting:

Dangerous knitting? A UK hospital locks up its needles and yarn


Happy knitting to all of you! I've been taking a hiatus from subway knitting due to excessive amounts of work-related reading... but will hopefully be back at it in a week or so.


Kris said...

ah bloody hell!

Holly Bee said...

I wish I had a subway to knit on!

It's hard to drive and knit, and then not crash and end up in the hospital and have the needles taken away and locked up and THEN have me flip out on the hospital staff because they stole my sanity.

I do need that public transit.

Sharon said...

aw, LAME!

Kristina B said...

I can honestly say I've never tried driving and knitting at the same time. However, I have tried walking and knitting. It doesn't work all that well, especially when chewing gum. SIGH.