Sunday, October 21, 2007

Outlaw Knitter Knews October '07

Things have been happening for this Outlaw Knitter. Some good, some annoying in that they interfere with my knitting and my blogging. But that is about to change.

I've added a couple of new items to the cafe Press shop. I also got rid of a couple of things that no one seemed interested in. If anyone planned on ordering these items, e-mail me and I can put them back up.

Did any of our Canadian members knit Like An Outlaw the day after Thanksgiving? And are any of the American members going to celebrate Knit Like An Outlaw Day US? I know I am. Maybe I'll work on a pair of socks while watching the masses stand in line at Best Buy. Or maybe I'll work on a hat while I laugh my butt off at the crazy shoppers at the mall. Or maybe I'll invite my fellow Outlaw, Bobbi, over for some knitting and a movie about Outlaws. We can plot some Outlaw Knitter escapades... like wearing our Outlaw Knitter shirts while we put up Outlaw Knitter posters on the Community Bulletin Boards at the local grocery stores and other places that Outlaw Knitters hang out.

Let us all know what you have planned!


Kristina B said...

As a Canadian Thanksgiving celebrant, I stayed in all that weekend and knit (and ate, not necessarily in that order). Does that count ;)

Holly Bee said...

Oh golly!!! Wanted Outlaw Knitter Posters at the Grocery Store!!! Like mean tag!!!

Love it!

I will be celebrating Outlaw knitter day knitting Outlaw Style either at the local Shopping Mall (after I sanitize the comfy couch) or in line at the Best Buy...just to take up space. I may pitch a tent...again to take up space.

Yarn Addict said...

I will be definitely be knitting that day. Not only is it the day after Thanksgiving, it is also my Birthday this year on that same day, which gives me the right to spend the day doing whatever the heck I want. lol

Melanie said...

Count me in...I will also be knitting like an Outlaw...I do it almost every day.

Melanie said...

Oh no...I just found out about the shop. I didn't get to see the items that have been removed. I might have missed something good.