Saturday, October 27, 2007

Publically Declaring my Outlaw-y-ness

Yes, I ride my own motorcycle. Yes, I have a tattoo (just one Mom - calm down!)Yes, I reward myself with chocolate and caffeine. And yes, I knit. And I'm proud of it. Just the other day I knit in the parking lot of a Doctor's office, in the waiting room of not one but two Doctor's office's and in a park on the way home. 4 KIP's in 1 day! When I'm on the bike, there's usually a project stowed in the saddle-bag. I love pulling up right out front of yarn shops and scaring the blue-hairs inside. I take pride in sauntering in - leather protective gear creaking, helmet swinging from a gloved hand and choosing the prettiest cashmere in the bin. I also work at a race track. A dirt race track.
I'm the Official at the dirtiest corner on the oval; Turn 1 Pit Gate. Several hundred people entrust their safety and their very lives to me each week as I guide them across the clay racing surface and into the relative safety of the pits. And yes, I knit at the race track - every week. But not when I'm working. There's a fine line between being an Outlaw Knitter and just being crazy. I like it that way! Hey, do I get Bonus Points for Spindling in Public too?


Yarn Addict said...

Just picturing you pulling up in front of my LYS and coming in with your helmet and leathers makes me lol. The shop would become dead silent, and everyone wondered what you were up to! Good job, I want to be an outlaw like you! :)

Bobbi said...

Wow, you rock!

Aunt Kathy said...

Well no motorcycle and no tatoos, but I do occasionally eat what's bad for me and I always knit it public.

I will be knitting in Dr's office tomorrow as well.

Next outing is Election day, I work the polls, and yes I will have several WIP there with me.

Vykky said...

Thanks Bobbi! And yes Yarn Addict...that's usually the reaction until one of them recognizes me then it's eyes peeking up and teensy wistful smiles. Oh, Aunt Kathy? If my back can scream, then certainly your legs can scream. I thank the Lord daily that I am still able to hear and feel mine doing so! (Love the t-shirt Jim is wearing in his party pic!) Election jealous since I've been stuck on vote-by-mail for years and it's just not as much fun. Sigh. One less opportunity to KIP but one more chance to do it elsewhere!

Holly Bee said...

5 bonus points for spindling on top Super Awesome.

Outlaw Knitters is so cool. I love this stuff!