Sunday, October 14, 2007

You know your an outlaw

I went out with some friends last night after SNB. We went to one of the yarn shops to get something. We went to the one we did because the one we wanted to go to was blocked off for the stupid football game going on. So we walk in and ask if they have the yarn my friend is looking for. They tell us no. My friend said she got it from another store ect, and then the lady working goes on about how the other store has crappy hours. WTF? I went off on her. Why on earth did she think it was ok to bash this shop to a customer?

It wasn't the owners fault that we couldn't get there and the time she closes is ok. She is open on Sat so you can get there if you want to. It just ticked me off.

The we went out to dinner and we ate in the bar so we could sit down right then and have a drink. So we sat, knit, drank and ate while all the other people in the bar watched that stupid game that made it so we couldn't get to the other store. (our server was really hot, but about 12 years old) :)


Holly Bee said...

Fight the Power!!

Way to go Outlaw!!!!

Holly Bee said...

I just realized how non Outlaw my little photo looks. I totally have a big tribal sun tattoo, unshaved legs, and fight corporate evil!!! Plus the occasional zombie!

Kristina B said...

Outlaw, Outlaw, Outlaw!!

I guess I must change my photo for this board too. Maybe the one I have on my blog with the spiky hair will do...