Monday, November 12, 2007

breakfast knitting

So I had my first negative public knitting experience. We were standing in line at a popular breakfast joint and the line is long. So I pull out my sock and start working. My boyfriend and his cousin are used to this (even though his cousin had only seen it a few times). It seems that there are a few people out there that aren't that used to it.

You see I noticed someone staring at me. So naturally i turn around to see what is going on. Just some guy about my age looking at me. So I smile and nod (just the normal thing i do) and turn back around. Next thing I know "You're in Public!" is being directed at my back. I turn back around and he's grinning like he said something really really funny. It was rather odd. But I just kept knitting. It's not like i'm trying to impress random people, i'm just keeping from being board.


Kris said...

What the you were out naked or something.

You should be more careful not to expose your sock before it's finished;)

ikisti said...


Charlie Chuckles said...

That guy sounds like a complete tw*t!

Genuine-Lye said...

"You're in pulic."

"Yeah, and you just said that out loud, asshole."