Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stress Knitting

Ok so my middle child had surgery this morning and i was stressed....actually stressed doesn't begin to touch it! But anyway the anesthesiologist asked me to knit something to cover his stethescope that was kid friendly.........I am thinking spongebob.......pondering it! I knit on my socks like a crazy woman for the 30 minutes my middle baby was out of my sight! Damn near went insane!


Serena said...

I am not sure if you meant this to be Wordless Wednesday because I can't find it at your other blogs as well. But thanks for sharing your stressful moments and I hope that all went on well for you and your son.


Gellianne said...

Hi! That is really stressful! I cannot imagine that! I also cannot stand it when my son gets his asthma attacks!

Hope your son is fine now and on his way to full recovery.

Yarnhog said...

I hope all went well for your son. There's nothing like knitting to blow off a little steam. Well, nothing legal, anyway.