Thursday, November 1, 2007

Joining Yarn in Public

I think I might have hit a high mark for Outlaw Knitters. I was knitting away on the Alice Starmore pattern Fulmar when I was inches away from the end of my yarn cake.

Luckily I had more yarn with me, but as I wasn’t paying attention and ended up in the middle of my work. This pattern is a very tight cabled sweater knitted on size 2.75 mm or US 2 needles.

What to do? Do I tink back some 100 tightly cabled stitches to the end of the row? Heck no...on the train in full blown rush hour... I spit spliced my yarn ends together. Yes fellow Outlaw Knitters, I separated the plied ends, over laid the ends then spit on my yarn and quickly felted the two together by rolling them between my palms.

I really didn’t think about it until I was rubbing this slice in my hands...hum, I wonder if anyone was looking at me thinking What The Hell?

Hope you enjoyed my spitting story;)
Cheers Outlaw Knitters!
~ Kris (AKA: KniftyRed)


Vykky said...

Oh You GO Girl! Woohoo for a public spit splice! I do so hope there was an older and experienced knitter down the car who saw you, smiled (cuz she's done that!) and felt secretly proud of you!
Way to go...have some chocolate for breakfast to celebrate!

Holly Bee said...

Very Punk Rock, Outlaw!!

HDW said...

What yarn are you using? It looks soooooo somiliar to my Alice Starmore Nantucket I had to ask. And also IS THERE ANY OTHER WAY TO JOIN ENDS??????? I am using Harrisville Merino Cashmere blend it I seperate it peel a layer out spit in my palms and give it a good felting. MY LYS lady had never heard such a thing and she was one of the forces to teach me "again" knitting. Woohoo so good to teach her something she was amazed

Yarnhog said...

Anything involving spit in public definitely qualifies as Outlaw Knitting. Good for you!

And hdw: I use a Russian join when working with finer yarns. It works especially well with lace, when you want to be sure the ends won't pull apart during blocking. (Google it. There are lots of tutorials.)