Friday, September 21, 2007

Does Football Count?

Ok, ok, I'm going to knit like a freaking Outlaw this weekend! I mean it. Beer swilling, meat eating, (I'm the World's Worst Vegetarian) and swearing. That's just from me. I'm going to knit at a College Football Game! The Western Michignan University Broncos vs who ever is bound to beat them.

Right, so they aren't in the Big 10. I'm really not sure what they are in, but if those boys from the Appalachians can beat the University of Michigan, does it really matter?

Oh, I usually sit in my big comfy coleman camp chair, a beer in each of my cup holders, my feet propped on the cooler, mouth swearing, barking orders, or making bets, and my hands looking all dainty and proper making a baby sweater. Yes, a beer soaked baby sweater. Nice.

This year I am also going bring my project into the game. You see, I like football as much as the next person, but this is a dry stadium, so the game gets pretty boring about the time I need a beer. Yeah. I have been banned from bringing knitting in previous years, but this year, I'm an Outlaw Knitter!


Mrs. H (aka The Outlaw Jenny Purls) said...

Banned from bringing your kniting into the stadium? That is so anti-something it makes me want to do something vile. Like spit on the ground and call somebody a bad name.

Holly Bee said...

I think it's anti, uh, anti, my happiness! Plus, a dry stadium? Also anti my happiness. Last year I bootlegged in jello shots, and spiked coffee,this year knitting seems like a no brainer. Was that a jab at zombies?

Babs said...

Dude, that's just...uh, that's sexist. And stupid. Dude. No knitting? Waddaya gonna do, strangles someone with sportweight? Ooops, unintentional pun.