Sunday, September 23, 2007

Knitting, it does go well with Football!

Tailgating and knitting! People were nice, and actually jealous of my skills. Ok, maybe not so much of my knitting skills, but more of my jello shot, diet coke, beer, pattern balancing skills. Which, is better than a jab in the eye, or a dissertation on chewing gum.

She has shoes with a built in beer opener! Wild crowd, no?

Awesome wild crowd! New found friend Beth, with her Alpaca Beer Cozy!!! Ok, it's John's beer cozy, but Beth made a better model, and I think it was her beer.

I had to sneak my knitting in under a handknit hat. The handknit hat was also handy to bootleg in more jello shots. Nice.

Night knitting...

I only ran into one bit of trouble. The twits behind me were heckling me and asking if I could hurry up and knit them a scarf for the second half. Then they started talking about their favorite flavor of gum, and continuing to talk about gum for 10 minutes. I realized it was not worth breaking my needles by jabbing them into their eyes. Plus, I might get my knitting confiscated. But really, gum, chewing gum?


Mrs. H (aka The Outlaw Jenny Purls) said...

You shoulda told them you'd knit them a scarf if they could spell acrylic. Stewpud muggles. heh

Kristina B said...

Trying to picture a 10 minute convo related to gum... but probably best left alone. You realise you have jinxed me now, Holly - I am now guaranteed to be the victim of having to overhear a ONE-SIDED convo on chewing gum bellowed into a cell phone while trapped on the Bathurst bus to work... ;-)

Babs said...

Looks like a scream! I love that---but who thinks, hmm, let's add an beer bottle opener to a sandal! Fab story.

Holly Bee said...

I was completely flabbergasted by the beer sandals!!

I also wish I knew how many people ran straight out and bought learn to knit books on Sunday and taught themselves to knit during NFL games!!!