Saturday, September 22, 2007

wannabe outlaw ...

Hi all - and thanks to Jen for signing me up on this blog so promptly. I feel vindicated for all those years spent being the last picked for school teams... ;-)

I'm Kristina, 37, from Toronto. Pretty much my only forays into outlaw knitting have been starting public knitting during my commute and work meetings recently. Here is my current public knitting project: I only work on it when commuting, at work, or (ahem) when I've had a few as so far this project is the exception proving the "don't drink and knit rule:

It will eventually be the world's biggest and loudest log cabin blanket (have already been in touch with Guinness! ha ha). The centre of each square is a tension sample and the yarn is all scraps/remnants from projects past.

I use addi turbo needles mostly, which seem for some odd reason to strike fear in the hearts of my fellow commuters. A good way to get a seat to oneself!!

This was my first project knit almost completely in public:

And this is the only other example I can think of as "outlaw knitting" in my current collection:

A saltire G-string, knitted in bulky yarn for D(CL)H. (He is from Scotland.) I just located it the other day thrown into the back of a closet. Ingrate!! At the same time I made this (after having had a few one evening) I also made another one in funky lime green and fuschia stripes and gifted it to my co-worker/friend the next day as part of the trousseau for her upcoming wedding. She immediately put it on her head like a little bonnet and wore it all day at work (I should mention that we are lawyers and at the time I worked at our version of landlord and tenant court... so we were both dressed in full business drag). Now - THERE's an outlaw!


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Holly Bee said...

Heehee!!! Glad you're here! I wondered when you'd fall over to the Outlaws!!

Kristina B said...

Just found them through you, my dear. ;)