Thursday, September 6, 2007

Outlaw Knitters Rock!

Y'all rock! When I first decided to start a gang of knitters, I was only half serious. But then I read posts on message boards about how people can be quite rude to knitters who knit in public. Or worse yet, people in yarn shops actually treat the knitters who don't fit the mold of sweet old granny in a rocking chair like they don't belong. So I decided this was going to be a serious attempt to give knitters a place to vent, as well as a way to say, "I am an Outlaw Knitter, I am armed with pointy sticks, don't mess with me!"

Is there humor involved in this group? Of course! There has to be humor, as well as occasional sarcasm. How would we get through these situations with muggles if we didn't laugh or utter the occasional biting comment? We'd most likely impale them on our needles and risk a stay in prison where knitting needles wouldn't be allowed. Trust me on this one. Mr. H works in a prison. Kniting needles would be considered a possible weapon. Heh... doesn't that just prove that knitters can be outlaws?

At any rate... thank you all for joining the gang. And thanks for sharing your Outlaw Knitter stories. I look forward to getting to know all of you better.

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herzeleidknits said...

Somewhere in my brain I think I knew that Ms. H. worked in a jail but I totally forgot. I work across the street from our jail - in the fingerprint identification unit. We can knit there...on breaks *cough cough*. But even though I work for "the man" I'm 100% Outlaw Knitter. **throws up the Outlaw Knitter gang sign**