Thursday, September 20, 2007

Knitting In Public... Mrs. H Style

Am I an Outlaw Knitter? Oh, hell yeah, and proud of it. I knit in public. Last weekend I took my hat-in-progress to the annual Friendship Festival. But I wasn't feeling friendly. While standing in line, waiting to put my youngest Outlaw-In-Training on the rides, I pulled the hat out of my GoKnit Pouch and started to work the decreases for the crown. I was cruising right along... k7, k2tog... watching the Sizzler spinning around at breakneck speed, when I noticed them. A couple of snot-nosed little punks creeping up in line. I watched as they worked their way up, one person at a time. When they started to eye the spot in front of my little girl, I stepped up, needles glinting in the sun. My eyes narrowed as I stared them down. The skinny one started to sweat and the shorter, rounder one shuffled his feet. My needles clicked menacingly. They turned and slunk back to the end of the line. I smiled an evil little smile as I watched them go. Yeah... I'm an Outlaw Knitter. And Outlaw Knitters don't take cutting in line lightly.

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