Monday, September 3, 2007

Well, Outlaw ladies, the worst has happened. My honey won't let me charge anymore! It makes me want to buy all four Alice Walker treasuries, another set of Denises, and enough Qiviut for a sweater. I just won a set of Addis on Ebay. How am I supposed to pay for them? Just because my stash is the size of Rhode Island doesn't mean that I don't need more!
Actually, I decided that I need some yummy soft yarns to knit some thongs. My hoo-ha needs pampering, too. Silk and bamboo would be nice.
I know now what makes me an outlaw - I'm selfish! I knit for me, first and foremost. Yes, I'm making a clapotis for DD, but that's so she won't use mine. I'm still a 2-year-old - mine mine mine! I spend more on knitting than groceries. I'm worth it. (maybe some would think I need therapy)
That's all for now. I have a date with my fellow knitter.
Knitters ROCK!


herzeleidknits said...

This is why I'm not married. :)

Mrs. H said...

Here's what you do... get a secret PayPal account and a secret checking account. Then just pay for everything that way and have it sent to my house. I'll keep it safe for you... *snickerz*

herzeleidknits said...

Ooh my friend, djMars, has a funny story about where to hide yarn. I'll have to get her to join and post it.