Saturday, September 22, 2007

Our Shop Is Up And Knit Like An Outlaw Day

The official Outlaw Knitters Shop is up and running. There isn't much in it yet, but it's a start. Everything is set at the base price, so it's all affordable. Anyone who has a design or an idea for a design can submit it here and we'll put it in the shop. All designs must be original. Please check out the other merchandise available through Cafe Press and let me know what you'd like to see in the shop so I can add it to our inventory. It doesn't cost anything to add it, so we can add anything you'd be interested in having.

Also... would anyone object to making November 22 (the day after Thanksgiving) "Knit Like An Outlaw Day"? This way we could use it as an excuse to celebrate it through Thanksgiving weekend. I'll post this on the Outlaw Knitters message board on Ravelry as well so we can get as many opinions as possible. If anyone has any other suggestions on what day to have it, post it or e-mail me at

Have a great weekend y'all!


Holly Bee said...

Love the shop!

Love Outlaw Knitters Day!!

This is AWESOME!

Babs said...

Dumb, dumb question, but how do the dimensions, uh, measure out? Such as, the first number means height, the second means this, or that. The bag, btw, is kewl. I sort've wanted a small one for socks, but this is really cool too, and I need to figure out the dimensions. Good price, too.

Mrs. H (aka The Outlaw Jenny Purls) said...

Babs... By the looks of the picture, the bag is 15" wide x 18" in height and 6" from front to back.

Kristina B said...

Outlaw Knitters' Day - a great plan! I don't have any objections to the date but for some fellow Canadians who wish to participate it might not be a good day as our Thanksgiving stat holiday is in October. (I would simply use it as an excuse to phone in sick, hee hee hee).

Bobbi said...

Cool! for both! The day after Thanksgiving works - I need to sit alot anyway after eating all that pumpkin pie.
Our Canadian friends can come visit us! That way, we could knit with some Outlaw sisters and share some pie!

Mrs. H (aka The Outlaw Jenny Purls) said...

We could have TWO Knit Like An Outlaw days! The day after Thanksgiving US and the day after Thanksgiving Canada! And if there are any other countries who want to chime in with a holiday, we can add them to the list. And I'll celebrate all of them! heehee

Yarn Addict said...

Love the tote bag! How about a teddy bear?

I like the date for our official holiday here in the US.