Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Little Looks.

Hi all. I've been Knitting-in-Public for a long. I didn't realize at first that it was a subversive thing. :)

But yesterday was quiet the KIP day. After grabbing Halo 3 it was off to grab some coffee. There was a bit of a line so I pulled out this sock to work on. This little girl started stairing at me. It was supper cute. Her mom said "Why don't you ask the Lady what shes doing?" She was a bit to shy to do that so I said, "Hi, I'm making a Sock."

She still looked a bit lost so her mom explained that when they read Little House thats what Laura ment when she said that "Ma, knit socks for Pa". It was pretty funny. She also mentioned something about "Your mommy knew how to do that along time ago and should really start again." I hope she does. :)

Then it was training time at work, so out comes the sock again. I don't think the trainer liked it much but what ever. For some of us its easier to listen if our hand are moving. :P

So keep those needles moving, I will.


Holly Bee said...

Good work! You may have shaped that girl into a future Outlaw :)

Sharon said...

I think it's great when people, especially kids, are fascinated by knitting. That little girl is one of the next generation of knitters. I remember the spellbound teen I was, watching the neighbor lady's flying fingers, and from then on I was hooked.

bunnyovani said...

On my bar trivia team three out of the four of us knit. The usual routine is dinner and drinks, then trivia and knitting. For the first two weeks we got funny looks but now we can point out the new teams because they still give us funny little stares while everyone else either asks what we are working on now or just don't even notice we are doing it anymore.