Thursday, September 20, 2007

Knit Like an Outlaw Day

OK, so apparently no one on the flickr group reads the message boards, although they do post absolutely hilarious pictures of knitting beer/wine cozies. That was gut-busting! Anyway, here was my original semi-coherent suggestion

My fingers are feeling itchy, and I'm feeling misch---screw that, I can't spell it right, but I'm feeling snarky. Wouldn't it be cool to set a specific date to 'Knit Like an Outlaw' sort've like the, 'Knit in Public Day' only since we're all outlaws here, I'm assuming public knitting is the least of your escapades! But, just a day to step outside even your outlaw boundaries, and then everyone can blog about their experiences? Just a thought.

I are thinking knitting while I stand in line at my 7-11, knitting in the middle of our (fairly) quiet road, knitting outdoors in my pajamas at midnight (or in the daytime!) in my PJs, and no matter what happens, definitely knitting during the early bird wait at Circuit City after Thanksgiving, because it was freakan' boring last time, and I need those pointy sticks to wave back line breakers. (You know who you are, jerks!) And, most scandalous of all, secretly knitting during Sunday morning services, which would very outlaw, since I would have to conceal it from parents and surrounding people, who would probably be scan-de-lized.

C'mon, people, let's hear some more suggestions!


Holly Bee said...

Oh, I like it, I like it a lot.

I say we claim the whole Thanksgiving Weekend as Outlaw Knitters Holiday. That way we have Thursday-Sunday to accomplish a true Outlaw Knitting activity.

Also, that gives us plenty of time to plan our global pointy stick take over.

Mrs. H (aka The Outlaw Jenny Purls) said...

I like the way you guyz think! What say the rest of the Outlaws?

Babs said...

Woot! Thanksgiving sounds good, and what about Halloween? Tee-hee. Tint your hair blue and dress up as scary Grandma with gigantic metal needles? The possibilities!

Holly Bee said...

Halloween:Knitting Zombie Hunter

I was going as Zombie Prom Date, but I couldn't work in the knitting needles as well.

Bobbi said...

Yep yep yep - I like it alot! I have a little song in my head: DD has been singing "talk like apirate day today, talk like a pirate now, aarghh", so my brain is going "knit like an outlaw day today". Just let me know what day, and I'll knit sunup to sundown.
\m/ rock on!